How Much Money Can You Win Playing Live 1-2 No Limit?

The question I receive more often than any other is: How much money can I make playing live 1-2 No Limit? I would have to assume that this question is often asked because of Black Friday. When online poker was rolling, not many serious poker players cared about live poker. Of course, there were the old school players and those who wanted to play real poker. I have to admit that I fell into that camp. While my biggest wins were with online poker, there were always problems getting money from my accounts. I truly believe that online poker has been nothing but a scam up until this point. The only way to get your money is to fight hard for it because online poker rooms don’t want to deal with people who create problems. But why go through all the drama? I would much rather stand up from a real poker table, walk to the cage, and receive my money in cold hard cash. Now that we have that squared away, let’s take a look at how much money you can make playing 1-2 No Limit.


The first key to playing successful 1-2 No Limit is patience. This should be obvious, but it’s not obvious to many people. There are many “professional” poker players out there who play a lag, or loose-aggressive, strategy. Despite enormous swings in bankroll, they believe this is the correct course of action. In their eyes, a true poker player is a gambler. In my eyes, anyone who takes this approach is an idiot. The goal in poker is to win, not to gamble. Of course there is an aspect of gambling, but if you’re more skilled than your opponents the majority of the time, then you will come out ahead.


You need to continuously put yourself in the right situations, such as at the right tables. There is no sense in playing against people with equal skill levels. That’s gambling. Another important point is that you need to practice patience. If you’re seeing more than 40% of flops, then you have no chance in the long run. This means you’re playing lower quality cards. It also means your bluffs are less likely to be respected.


If you want to win playing 1-2 No Limit, then you need to use a tag, or tight-aggressive, strategy. For the best information on sustainable wins in 1-2 No Limit Poker, read our poker eBook. It’s only $19, which is a tiny investment for anyone wanting to win over the long haul. It’s even a small investment for your next session. Winning $500 is a lot more fun than losing $200. But whether you want to make this investment or not is completely up to you.


As far as how much you can win playing live 1-2 No Limit, you should aim for an average return of $200 per day. If you play five days per week, that’s $1,000 per week, which comes out to $52,00o per year. It’s not going to make you rich, but it’s a pretty solid income, especially for doing what you love. Also keep in mind that you will be receiving comp points wherever you play, which means free food and rooms.

Sustainable Wins in 1/2 No Limit Hold 'Em Poker by Dan Moss

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  • tom

    I was just wondering what you would suggest to a person just starting out. I have about $1000 to work with. Thanks.