Live Poker Update For Harrah’s Cherokee Casino

The Harrah’s Cherokee Poker Room has offered some updated information on the status of live cards. The only fact they have revealed in regards to a launch date is that live cards will be arriving at some point in 2013. It’s widely assumed this means the first half of the year, but there are no guarantees. In regards to what types of live poker games will be offered at the Harrah’s Cherokee Poker Room, a lot has been revealed.

1 2 No Limit Poker Winning Strategy BookIf you’re looking to travel to Harrah’s Cherokee Casino to play poker, you better have a decent-sized bankroll. That’s because the live games here will only consist of 2-5 No Limit Poker and 5-10 Limit Poker. All other games, such as 1-2 No Limit, 3-6 Limit, PLO, and 7-Card Stud, will still be on the PokerPro machines. This is good news for the regulars because they prefer seeing more hands per hour and not having to tip a dealer.

This isn’t all bad news for everyone else. Actually, it can be looked at as good news for many people. For example, the live tables will be held in a separate part of the poker room, so it will kind of be like a High Roller area. This will also be good news for current 3-6 Limit Poker players who want to move up a level. Making a living at 3-6 Limit is possible, but it’s challenging because of the win potential. It can be done because the competition is often weak. However, at the 5-10 Limit Poker level, you will see many of the same weak players, but the pots will be much bigger. Therefore, instead of a good night being + $400, it will likely be closer to + $1,000.

Let’s assume you’re a skilled player and you play 5-10 Limit five days per week. Let’s lowball and say you go 3-2 in those sessions. Your losses will be limited to $500 because you won’t rebuy – if you’re smart. On two of your winning days, you will play well and make $1,000 for each session. On the remaining day, let’s say you break even. Using these conservative numbers, you’re + $1,000 for the week. That’s $52,000 per year. And remember, these are lowball numbers.

For the 2-5 Limit Game, the potential is even higher. If you know what you’re doing and you have a big enough bankroll where you can play tight-aggressive and control the table, then you can realistically average $2,500 per week. That’s easily over $100,000.

The bottom line is that the Harrah’s Cherokee Poker Room is going to bring bigger and better players. Are you one of them? Do you want to take your shot against them? Even if you play at lower levels, you might not have a choice. When a good player is running bad, he or she will move down a level. So … beware.

Sustainable Wins in 1/2 No Limit Hold 'Em Poker by Dan Moss

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