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How to Succeed Playing at Online Casinos

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Major Variants of Online Poker

If we compare our present with the time when we used to draw card from deck of card held by our grandparents and on getting perfect match we used to win chocolate or candy. But nowadays the scenario is different especially in online casino games because technology is so advanced that it facilitates with different versions of poker from simpler to complex ones. One can win money as much as they wish to by playing online. We have various desktop and mobile applications to play online. Every version has its own set of rules to follow to participate in poker.

Texas Hold'em Poker:-

One of the most familiar versions in the world of poker is Texas Hold’em. This version of poker is simple enough because here every player has two hole cards which dealt face down and allows using these along with face up five 'community' cards presented to every other in their hand. The Flop is used for first three ‘community cards’. Next card that is fourth one is termed as the Turn. Now the last card i.e. fifth one is known as the River. Player has betting rounds prior to every flop, turn and river; And at the end the river have been dealt and the player having best five card in hand after the final round of betting become winner of game. He or She can use one or two of the hole cards and three or four of community cards.

Omaha Poker:-

Omaha has some bigger swings for one who knows how to play Texas Hold’em at In Omaha, players have four cards instead of two but they have to choose only two out of these four. They also have to select three community cards. There is no difference between betting rounds of Omaha and Texas Hold’em. Players having Omaha online are not allowable to bet for money exceeding than the sum already in the pot.

Seven-card Stud:-

It was very popular during older times and now it is considered as simple and classic game by players. The game started with two to eight participants and there is no need of flop or community cards. The seven-card stud begins with two cards facing down and the third one facing up (the hole and the door card). After seven cards were dealt, then three of those having faced down and other four of those having faced up. But you have to choose the best combination of five-card.

Razz Poker:-

Razz version of poker considered as lowball poker game that has seven cards to play with. The primary two cards and the last one, all having faced down. Moreover here the lowest hand always wins and player needs to avoid hitting any pair. The best potential hand is A-2-3-4-5 (or a 'wheel').

Chinese Poker:-

Chinese modified traditional poker game and named as open-face poker in 2011. Here rounds are replaced by points that means player compete for points in order to win. After shuffling the deck of cards, players need to arrange 13 cards only into three hands. The top phase has three cards and this is scored as a regular one. Others are the middle and bottom has five card hands.

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