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Free Spins means you can play a few rounds for free . You have the same winning chances as if you played with regular rounds and the rounds also look the same as regular rounds. In slot machines, it's quite clear when you play with your free rounds and when you play with real money and you can switch between the different game modes. So if you have 20 free calls, you can choose when to use them, they do not need to access automatically. If you win free rounds, just like in the match bonus, you win a turnover requirement before you can pick out your winnings.

Free spins are also available in some slot machines by unlocking with different special features. The scatter symbol is such a symbol that often unlocks freezes and other bonuses. Here you can win profits without any requirement for sales. Look for slot machines with this feature if you want to try out free spins in this way. Sometimes casinos give free spins to special slot machines that they have on their side. This is usually because it has just been launched and they want more players to try it. On these occasions one can try to play for free and the turnover requirements are usually quite low. Therefore, look out for this type of offerings at your casino.

It's important to understand just what a sales claim is before you start playing with their bonus. A turnover requirement is a requirement that most casinos have when it comes to bonus games. What it means is that you have to sell your bonus in real money a certain number of times before you can pick your winnings. You have received 1000 kronor in the match bonus and in the meantime you have played for it you have won. Your casino requires that you sell 35 times before you get the winnings, which means you have to count according to the formula: 1000 x 35 = 35 000. You have to play for 35,000 kronor before you can win your winnings. How many times you have to trade depends entirely on your casino. As a new player, it's very beneficial for you if you choose to play at a casino that has lower sales requirements , as it simply becomes cheaper for you to pick out winnings.

When it comes to free spins, the revenue requirement is similar, but you have to multiply your free spins instead of the sum. If you have received 25 free spins and the turnover requirement, 35 must count as follows: 25 x 35 = 875. You must then spin the slot 875 times for your real money before you can pick out winnings that have been won during free-kick. To find out how much it costs you simply multiply the cost of a spin with the amount you received, in this case 875.

Of course, it would have been better for all players if there was no turnover requirement and we could simply pick out our winnings in a common way. Unfortunately, it is very unusual to get a bonus that is completely out of business. A casino offers this kind of bonus to attract new customers , but also to make them stay. The player is allowed to play for free, but a casino can not give up money completely without opposition, which is why the sales requirement exists. It simply looks like the casino does not go back to the store.

In addition to finding out how big your sales requirement is at your casino, you should also review if it concerns your own deposit or just the bonus. If the claim also applies to your own deposit , in the case of a match bonus, it will double as much as you have to play for. The formula will then be: 2000 x 35 = 70,000 kronor. Of course, it is better to play at the casinos that do not require sales for your own deposit but just for the bonus. This applies primarily to the welcome bonus. Most casinos offer a match bonus or free spins once you have made your first deposit, but there are occasions where you get a bonus without having to deposit your own money first. If you find such a bonus, it is recommended that you use it, as it is a great opportunity to try different slot machines for free. The turnover requirement, however, usually does not come from.

For new players, it's like saying welcome bonuses that are usually the most generous, because casinos want to attract new players through these. Therefore, if you are a new player, you should be a little cheeky when choosing which casino you sign up for, as this is a good chance of getting a really good start in the casino world. Do not forget to review the rules that apply to the casino you are interested in playing according to the advice in this guide.

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