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Almost all online casinos attract players by announcing welcome bonuses for their customers. There are some different types of bonuses that you, as new and recurring players, can access on your online casino. A welcome bonus can also look different depending on the type of game you play and usually have some kind of sales requirement. Here we will talk more about what a welcome bonus consists of, what you need to do to get to know them and what requirements usually apply to them.

A welcome bonus is a bonus you get when you become a member and make a cash bet on your online casino. If you are a regular player at one and the same casino, you can receive regular deposit bonuses through various bonus codes and offers that you must activate on your own. If you are a new player and sign up for an online casino, you will usually receive a welcome bonus on your first deposit, but sometimes also on your second and third. This is a common way of attracting new customers. Most often your welcome bonus consists of a match of your deposit amount of money, and sometimes also a certain amount of free spins on a slot machine. The match may consist in getting 100% more on your deposit up to a maximum of between 1000 and 2000 kronor.

This means you can deposit money and then receive the double amount to play for. If your offer comes with a free hit, these turns are intended for a selected slot machine and can only be used there. The advantage of deposit bonuses in the form of free spins is that a recurring player may be able to test brand new slots before everyone else, while a new player can use his free spins to learn the slots without spending their own money. The disadvantage is that you can not choose which slot you want to play for your free spins. The best part is to think of your deposit bonus as it is - a bonus that you would not otherwise have on your account. Almost all gaming companies offer welcome bonuses for new players, and it is important to be able to distinguish in advance what kind of bonuses are good and which ones are less good.

If a online casino announces that they offer welcome bonuses, it's always good to read the fine print before you get them. Many casinos do not require you to do anything specifically to access the bonuses or to unlock them, while others require you to have a bonus code or the like. Bonus codes are usually spread out on the internet, but sometimes you can also find them on the casino's website. You enter the code when you make a deposit and you can choose how much of your deposit you want to match with the bonus. You can deposit more than the bonus can give back, but you can also choose to pick out a smaller bonus than the money you deposit. In fact, due to different terms and conditions, it may be smarter to choose to match less than 100% of your deposit even if this is what is offered. Why? Because both match bonuses and free spins come with sales requirements.

Both the deposit bonuses that you make as a recurring customer or as a new player in a online casino come in the vast majority of cases with a turnover requirement. It is the turnover requirement that makes the difference between a good and a bad bonus, so it may be a good idea to read extra carefully about these requirements before selecting a online casino and depositing money. No matter how much your welcome bonus is, or how many free spins you receive, it's the revenue requirement that ultimately affects your potential for profit. A requirement for sales means that you have to convert your entire amount received a certain number of times in any of the casino's games, but there are special rules for how this should be done. Initially, your sales requirement may range from 20 to 60 x bonus.

If you receive a bonus of SEK 500 and the turnover requirement is 30 times, you have to play for 500 x 30 kronor = 15,000 kronor. Only after you have converted this amount can you pick out any winnings you have made in the meantime. Even free spins may come with similar trading requirements, but then the condition is that you need to play more spins on the slot than those that come for free. Other rules for your bonuses apply to the various casino games available. All games on the casino do not trade your money to 100%.

Some high-chance table games may only sell your money by 50% and if you want to sell your deposit bonus by playing odds, other rules apply as well. There you may need to convert them fewer times, but only at odds higher than for example 1.5. Even if your online casino offers live casino, you will not usually be able to use your deposit bonuses in these. Many sales requirements also need to be met within a certain period of time, perhaps as fast as within seven days up to one month. All of these circumstances will affect your potential for profit more than the size of your deposit bonus. It is therefore always worth reading about the terms and conditions for your upcoming bonuses.

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